Sunday, June 6, 2010

The best Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

How many times have you looked at an advertisement in a magazine or TV and said: "That was terrible. I wonder who was in charge of creating that." Many times? I thought so. We see a piece we don't like, and suddenly become advertising experts. I am not an expert, but I searched all over the world, and compiled the best Guerrilla marketing campaigns that are sure to catch your attention.

Eatalica Burgers
I like this example because it's simple, easy to implement, yet effective. Take any poster of a burger, let people know that it may "Cause drooling" and put the yellow sign underneath it. I have to go get a napkin now.
The Copenhagen Zoo creatively turned this public bus into a destination drawer!
This clever campaign in Indonesia used actual city wires to get the point across that Panasonic will deliver a safe nose trim! Very funny
The popular board game found a great way to get you in the mood to play. After you wash the blood colored soap off your hands, the adrenaline will start rushing.
Every guy knows that going to the bathroom at a public place is boring and awkward (when you get the guy who stands too close). Why not play a little game? This particular picture was taken in Germany before the 2006 World Cup. Similar campaign was seen for ESPN in Brazil.
The popular Russian beer can't wait for you to get your hands around it. When you drink, take the bus!
Papa Johns
I'm getting hungry just describing this campaign. Do you think they knock and run away? :)

A controversial guerrilla campaign for Axe proved to be every guy's fantasy
When people got curious on a beach in Mumbai, India, Spars seafood festival came through
Wow, DHL delivers everything to the correct place. Box reads: "If it is where it belongs, it was probably delivered by DHL."
Virgin Holidays
Don't believe that everyone is going on a Virgin Holiday? Do you believe it now?
Pioneer Suspension
Who wouldn't slow down for a pothole this big? But just in case you forget to, the anticipated bumpy encounter will prove to be rather smooth. Great ad for Pioneer Suspension

Miele vacuum cleaners really suck! You bet they do. Try one at your own home. Just make sure there are no hot air balloons.
World Wildlife Fund is reminding you that earth's resources are not endless.
Brick containers shaped as Lego pieces create two things: a playful atmosphere for the workers and a clever advertising for Lego.
Nationwide Insurance
The spilled "Coops Paint" is actually an advertising for Nationwide, reminding you that life comes at you fast.
Australia Transit
Not everything you heard about Aussies being nice is true. Get caught in the act of unwanted graffiti and you could win a FREE ride.... to jail!
As if the most popular sporting event in the world wasn't exciting enough, Adidas created this huge billboard of Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn by the Munich airport in 2006.
A-D-I-D-A-S: All Day I Dream About Sixty-five meter billboard
Drunk Driving
A great social campaign designed to stop drunk driving by helping people realize the danger. Photo 1 is from the U.S and Photo 2 is from Israel

Feed SA
My favorite advertisement. Highly effective. Shows the power of human affection in advertising
The Economist
Marketers sure do have bright ideas. When this motion sensor light bulb turns on above your head, wouldn't you want to pick up the magazine?
Stop imagining yourself wearing an IWC watch and go out and buy one! Meanwhile, enjoy wearing it on your train ride.
If you were unsure before whether your birds would like their new feed, worry no more, my friend! Friskies is bird approved.
Doesn't every city call itself "The city that never sleeps" now days? Folgers is sure to wake you up with this clever campaign
Pet owners don't want fleas and ticks to be bothering their hairy companions. This ad placed in a mall turns the people on the bottom floor into fleas and gives the people on upper levels something to laugh about; capturing their attention in a very creative way
Constipation relief medicine never looked this funny
Cingular / AT&T
The Telecommunications company prides itself on many things, one being "The network with the fewest dropped calls." If the call in this ad dropped on me, I would be sure to switch services!
Mr. Clean
The P&G owned brand promises to turn any dirty surface into a clean and shiny work of art. This time, the household item tried to catch your attention outside.
Jobs In Town
As you are enjoying your daily activities, their creative ads remind you that life is too short for the wrong job! It sure catches my attention and would make me want to dump my job if I was unsatisfied



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  3. hahahaha. Thanks for a great laugh. It is amazing how one can use simple things unexpectedly.

  4. Awesome pics! You have to find some of the viral IT marketing that we saw at the FullHouse seminar!

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