Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Attention Grabbing Condom Ads

You see them everywhere! you hate many, remember few, connect with a handful of them. Advertising agencies spend millions of dollars trying to get your attention. Lets just say, some products allow for funnier, more creative, more memorable ads.


This campaign attempted to gain the trust of consumers, promising that the brand is good at its job, and never fails.

This clever Guerrilla Marketing campaign used a transit system's turnstiles to get the message across.

Durex understands the need for XL condoms, and has a very clever way of showing it in this campaign.

Kids are expansive. Durex is not. Simple, yet effective campaign

"Love is blind" campaign. Attempting to gain trust and loyalty from its consumers.


This very creative print ad promised a longgggg lasting condom.


Very creative Guerrilla Marketing campaigns using condom shaped umbrellas and a bathroom sticker reads: "You never know when it'll be necessary."

Message Ads

Monday, August 23, 2010

SuperStar of David

Make your way into my off - campus Marquette apartment, and you will be amazed at what you see. Many college students have a collection of some sort - stamps, beer cans, magnets, and I am no different. When my friend once described the apartment as "Sports Heaven", he was partly referring to my large collection of sports Bobbleheads. So it shouldn't surprise you that I published a post on a bobblehead forum asking for Jewish themed Bobbles. What may surprise you are the responses I received. Within a day, I was offered a Sandy Koufax, Al Rosen, Ryan Braun, Shawn Green, Amar'e Stoudemire.... What?

Ever since Stoudemire informed his Twitter followers of his spiritual trip to Israel which happened earlier this month, the 6 foot 10 Power Forward is being included in "Stars of David" conversation.... the list of the best Jewish athletes of all time. Stoudemire admitted in multiple interviews that he is a spiritual person, and believes has Hebrew Roots on his mother's side. He said his trip to Israel was to learn more about his history, the language, and the Jewish people. One must wonder, why now? In a time when antisemitism is increasing in many parts of the world, and Israel is condemned on a nightly basis on biased media channels, celebrities are still looking for their Jewish roots.

Remember when Madonna suddenly began following Kabbalah, going to synagogue, and wearing Jewish jewelery? Remember when Britney Spears was interested in Kabbalah, wore a star of david necklace, got a Hebrew tattoo on her neck, and was rumored to be considering a conversion to Judaism? Remember when Lindsay Lohan visited a synagogue right before admitting that she was considering a conversion to Judaism to show her devotion to girlfriend Samantha? You should remember all of these! They all happened somewhat recently. What's their motive? And when is it "in" to want to be a Jew?

Some skeptics out there believe that the New York Knicks somehow convinced Amar'e that he is Jewish. Since they didn't get LeBron, they might as well get a superstar who is not only excellent on the court, but who may also connect with the large Jewish audience in NY. Yeah right... as if there aren't enough Jewish New Yorkers who want to go to sports games. But then again, it is possible that the Mets reached in and said: "Hey, ever since we got Ike Davis at first base, Citi Field is exploding with Jews. We are thinking of adding a Home Run Honey to complement the Home Run Apple." It is possible that the Knicks wanted to make sure that their five year, $100 Million investment in Stoudemire was being used to the fullest (Because as every New Yorker knows, a good investment involves a Jew)

In reality, we welcome Amar'e with open arms and will teach him everything he needs to know about being a good Jew (We forgot to tell him that tattoos are forbidden before he got the Star of David on his hand). Think his NBA friends will follow suit? Recently, LeBron James has been spotted holding hands with a Rabbi on a private yacht. As reported, James was meeting with retail executives and payed Rabbi Pinto six figures for "Spiritual guidance". King David, King Solomon, King James??? If Stoudemire's desires to be a Jew were strengthened in NYC, we can expect the South Florida Jews to work their magic on James.

When I was young, I was once asked: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" "I don't know", I answered "But my mom wants me to be a doctor." Mom, don't be surprised if in the future you ask my son the same question and he replies with " I don't know, but dad wants me to be a Power Forward."

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lead America - 2010 Media & Journalism, Fordham University

Why LeadAmerica?

In December 2010, I will be graduating from Marquette University with degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and entering the business world. How should I spend my last summer of "freedom"? I knew right away I wanted to spend it with Lead America. Lead America is the nation's premier youth leadership organization. I decided to be a Team Leader for the Media and Journalism program. I felt confident about the summer since I am a Lead America alumni myself. I also worked as a Team Leader for the Global Business and Entrepreneurship program in the summer of 2008. However, part of me was nervous. New students, new venue (I have never been to Fordham). Before I knew it, all my worries disappeared.

Fordham University

This beautiful Jesuit University located in a gated area of the Bronx was a great location for a Lead America conference. Similar to Stanford, it had a lot of open areas and space for activities. It was nice to take my team to a big open grassy areas and perform leadership activities outside. We shared the venue with the Theater and Law conferences so there was never a dull moment.

Speakers & Off - Sites

Once again, NYC did not disappoint, providing some of the best speakers and off sites in the country. Our students heard from Jon Wertheim, Senior sports writer for Sports Illustrated, who was glad to come back and speak to our students. He stressed the importance of having good research to make the writing process easier (and I stressed that to my team later on). Another great speaker was Lillian Smith, the CEO of LS Production Works and former Producer, Donahue. The all - star cast continued with Monique Fortune, President of Fortune Associates and Steve Daly from Entertainment Weekly. To top it off, the students heard from Samuel Freedman, a Columbia University professor and a Pulitzer Prize finalist.

The students enjoyed a day at Ellis Island, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square. As a reward, we took groups to the NBA Store and H&M (trust me, they appreciated it).

Media & Journalism related visits included the Paley center, where students watched a documentary about investigative reporting (It was great), Columbia University, and an NBC studio tour (Yes, we saw the SNL studio as well as many other studios and control rooms). For the first time, we were able to tour the NY Times printing facility in Queens. Although my team went on a Saturday and many printing lines were closed, the students got an in depth look at a printing facility of one of the most successful newspapers in the world. However, perhaps the most memorable off site happened on day 5, as we all went on the CBS Early Show. We had to be up at 5 am but what teenagers don't want to be on national television? It was definitely an exciting, and very beneficial off site program.

The Simulation

A major part of the ten day conference is spent on a simulation in which students must create a magazine or newspaper, as well as a broadcast program. At first I was worried that my team will have trouble deciding on a magazine theme but to my surprise, my team was the first to decide. In the beginning, I pushed my team to think outside of the box, and to come up with topics that are unique. In the back of my head I knew that most students are interested in sports, gossip, and entertainment and wanted my team to develop a theme that will separate them from the competition. We had the following suggestions: NYC theme, Green theme, Entertainment theme. Suddenly, a student suggested to combine the three into one magazine. The final product would be "Destination: Manhattan", a monthly magazine highlighting a different city each issue. The August 2010 issue concentrated on the Manhattan borough, and featured articles about NYC's green initiative, an NYC entertainment portion, and featured a review of the new Broadway show "UP", which my team created (my team reviewed the play as if they were actually sitting in the audience, and also wrote a song that a team member performed during the broadcast). Realizing that quality research will make the reporting much easier, the field reporters conducted interviews, took photos, and did extensive research in order to get the best stories. The hard work payed off as Team C won the Pulitzer Prize (Top 3 teams received medals with the top team winning the prize). I was extremely proud of their hard work, dedication, and at the end they celebrated the results.

My Team

This team was very different from all the other teams I had at Lead America. While I was used to Business students being outgoing and very high energy, my team C was the complete opposite during the first day. They were quiet, they seemed indifferent, but they were extremely well behaved. On day two I had a conversation with a fellow TL and I told her: "These kids will start talking as time goes by. At least they are VERY well behaved." I was correct. As the days went by, the team became very close. We taped a very nice "Green Initiative" commercial for our simulation on day 3 which my team directed and executed. A few people described it as "something you would see on the Disney Channel." Because everyone contributed to the commercial, and it had a good natured theme, I believe it really brought the team closer. We also had a lot of off sites which required time on the buses which gave students time to bond. Once again, I told my team I expect them to be the best behaved, have the best product, and form the closest bonds. Check, check, check! Even though close friendships were formed between members of different teams, I could always spot most of the team sitting together or socializing during off-sites. One of the most memorable pictures of the conference came on the last day. As the first bus was leaving to the airport, 5 of my students stood patiently, tears in their eyes. Then, they took off... after the bus! they ran, smiling and waving to their friends one last time. The loved one another, and refused to leave even a second early.

Teams A, B, C, D, E

Since this was a Media & Journalism conference, there were many more girls than guys. In fact, out of 80 total students, 60 were girls! Perhaps that is the reason they were so well behaved. Mr. Williams, the Program Director, makes it very clear in the beginning of each conference that he wants to treat the students as adults, and will reward them when they prove that they deserve it. The rewards came very early this conference, as we let the students have bigger boundaries during off sites, took them to Pinkberry and had nightly rap sessions. Every conference has its own story, its own personality. For some reason, the students during this conference had a passion for rhyming. One student on my team, Dayne, is a very talented rapper and his talent for rhymes spread across the conference. Being a fan of rhyming myself, we held nightly rap sessions where students could freestyle or perform the raps they wrote that day. Needless to say, students loved it! These were very smart, talented students and I have no doubt in my mind that each and every one of them will be successful in the future. Today, the students still keep in close touch and are planning reunions all over the country. I really enjoyed myself this session, and felt like the summer ended on an extremely high and positive note.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. - John Quincy Adams