Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Attention Grabbing Condom Ads

You see them everywhere! you hate many, remember few, connect with a handful of them. Advertising agencies spend millions of dollars trying to get your attention. Lets just say, some products allow for funnier, more creative, more memorable ads.


This campaign attempted to gain the trust of consumers, promising that the brand is good at its job, and never fails.

This clever Guerrilla Marketing campaign used a transit system's turnstiles to get the message across.

Durex understands the need for XL condoms, and has a very clever way of showing it in this campaign.

Kids are expansive. Durex is not. Simple, yet effective campaign

"Love is blind" campaign. Attempting to gain trust and loyalty from its consumers.


This very creative print ad promised a longgggg lasting condom.


Very creative Guerrilla Marketing campaigns using condom shaped umbrellas and a bathroom sticker reads: "You never know when it'll be necessary."

Message Ads


  1. Love it! Where did you find these?!?

  2. Very clever strategies! I have not seen any like this around Green Bay though, perhaps these are limited to areas with more diverse demographics? Great post! I look forward to more like these :)